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Wondering how we can help during the COVID-19 crisis? Here is how

If you are looking for a CAD or CAM designer, then KCS is a platform you can rely on entirely. Whether you want 2D Drawing to 3D Modelling or CAD Conversion, we will always help you with your requirements.

KCS has a team of Specialists & Expert Designers always ready to give wings to your Ideas. We are in the industry for more than two decades now. We are skilled, possess in-depth knowledge. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction to those who trust us for our services.

The cost will never be a problem because ours are the best prices in the industry. Even if you have 2D Sketches on Paper, they can be converted into 3D CAD Machining drawing with our software.

We can even create Industrial Prototyping Model from your sketches. We follow a proper strategy; first, we communicate with you and understand your requirements, and accordingly, our experts suggest you the solution fitting perfectly to your unique needs.

KCS is a renowned software and service provider; our services are delivered in India and abroad. We help our clients to have an edge while they release their products into the market. KCS is the most trusted designing & machining service provides. Trust us; we can help you implement all the necessary changes to your prototype in the shortest span.

Our support and maintenance team is available 24X7 to help you have greater mobility and freedom. You can contact us via email, chat, or phone.

Why KCS?

KCS is an ISO certified firm with an experienced team providing its clients with Superior Quality Solutions and Services.

KCS cares for your data just like you would do. Your data is absolutely safe with us; we do not share your designs or ideas with anybody. Moreover, we have a secure network with Firewalls and stringent access rights.

KCS provides the best services at the most affordable prices. With us, you can reduce your overheads, thereby increasing your savings.

Contact us for the most affordable & timely CAD solutions!!