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About KCS Technologies

KCS Technologies was established in 2008 as a division of Kapil Group – A conglomerate of 40 companies, with a team of 1200+ IT consultants. Our global headquarter is in Wyoming with offices in India, UK, Australia, Indonesia, and Estonia.

Values Define Actions

Trust & Reliability

At KCS Technologies, we convert every transaction into a relationship and extend our support to the best of our capabilities.

Expertise & Experience

Our services and products are built over 40 years of experience of Kapil Group into multiple industries.

Unparalleled & Affordable Services

We hire the best and find innovative ways to solve problems that require smart work. We then pass on the benefits to our clients for mutual benefit.

True Value

We make every effort to provide our customers with great products and services, and we work just as hard to make sure they are getting the right business model that fits their needs.